Her husbands friend


It was just another ordinary day

when love came along that day

while contemplating on her life

a passion set her being alight.

She was not prepared for this

as the man she met gave her a kiss

he was there to meet her husband in truth

but he was away for the day

and the man charmed her in many ways.

She succumbed to him while they had a cup of tea

he told her he could not believe

her husband had someone so sweet

he charmed her made her laughed and also teased.

She was putty in his hands as he made his move

kissed her slowly then started to remove

the top she wore and lifted her tight skirt

had she encouraged him she thought, did she flirt

but as he seduced more and more

and as she anticipated what was in store

any resistance she may have had she ignored

as he stripped her bare more and more

then carried her into the next room on the sofa

laid her down and softly kissed her all over

then took her to ecstasy several times

nearly drove out of her mind

with wild desire and a kind of lust

she was not used too

she felt every thrust as if were going to make her explode

this was a feeling she had never known

then after being sated numerous times

he got up and left leaving her glowing

in body soul and mind

heard his car make off down the drive

then heard the door behind her open

she turned to see her husband walk in

startled and shocked and in a days

she tried desperately to explain

but then he told he had planned out the whole thing

as a gift to her for everything

said he knew she needed a whole lot more

wanted to surprise her with what he had in store

wanted her to have something different

from just another ordinary day

so asked his friend to satisfy her in every way.

She could have taken this badly

he had gambled a lot

but then she realised that she had forgot

just how good spontaneity really was

so smiled and thanked him for all that she got.



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