Cabal of greedy men

The machanations of people of greed

Who control power, governments, media and industry,

Go well beyond our imaginations

Causing wars, crippling nations,

where governments fail to heed

To their financial and corporate machinations 

Based around their power based greed.

They have no interest in wanting to lead

As long as they have control over currency,

For they know in capalist democracies

This is where the power lies deep.

On wars, on the arms trade, the media, in fact everything,

You will find their fingerprints, 

They care little for liberty 

And care nothing for those who die on the streets,

Killed by wars, killed by their weapons,

Or whether they die of starvation,

Or in the trap of poverty, dying at the hands of criminality.

All of this is a result of them

The greedy, shadowy cabal of greedy men,

The top of the pyramidical one percent.


3 thoughts on “Cabal of greedy men

  1. Slavery and exploitation. These people only like investment vehicles that have massive and rapid ROI. Lawful people cannot buy into investments that operate on 500%+ ROI

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