More than just physical

She finished her workout

And looked so replete

He saw her in her Crop top

And grey skin tight leggings

And she looked awesome to him

Her firm round bum

Her shapely breath

Long flowing her she was heaven sent.

Her toned abs and tanned skin

Her long legs were to much for him

So when she gave a smile

And a come hither look

He moved closer to her 

And as his voice shook

Explained how much he wanted her body, 

She smiled politely answer said as does everybody

But the only person that can get that from me

Is someone connected to spirituality

For this spiritual body which I possess

Explodes into motion when teased and caressed

And writes and it arches

And it consorts as I moan

As the sprit it inside me

Guides me back home to a celestial place

Of twin flame desire and it sets both combined bodies on fire

And as he listened he realised

She experienced more than he could give

He apologised and said can you forgive

The words that I used seeing you as just an object

And not eeing you more But in fact less

Than a spiritual being, angelic divine

I must have been crazy and out of my mind

She looked with pure pleasure when she realised he had got it

Thought there is hope for those who are blind to her needs

She walked away slowly with a classy and sexy swagger

And looked back and said what is the matter

Are you not taking me home to set my body on fire

Or will you just walk away filled with the ire

Of missing out on such a spiritual çonnection

For I shall show you the power of a love filled spiritual obsession

And with that he felt that his day had been made

And this perfect woman of who he was amazed 

Was willing to grant him a boon to learn more

And connect with her being of which he now adored.


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