The failed systems lie

Don’t believes the lies

Don’t buy into a system

That simply binds

Break the chains of obedience 

Reject, refuse be the resistance 

For we all deserve much better than this

Being lied to and treated like sheep 

Expected to follow

Expected to grovel

Feeding from the scraps from the table

Because of the trickle down theory

Expected to work the 9 to 5

Expected to accept the grind

Brainwashed and Conditioned

Not knowing our own minds

Domesticated from birth

And forced into subservience blind

To the true reality of our own worth

Never realising out potentiality

Living the illusory life devoid from reality

Life is all about causality

So be the cause the ends this banality

And understand their system is built on the frailty

Of relying on us to buy their lies

Controlling us with our money 

Taken from our pockets

Taken from our hard earned wages

In stepped stages 

Where those at the bottom put much more in

While those at the top take much more out

It’s a farcical  state of living

Dreamed up by those who benefit from the system

That has built itself up on our blood, sweat and tears

And from being oppressed and exploited over years

You are worth so much more this

So stand up, reject and refuse this

As promoted by all governments

We want more balanced governance

Based on fairness, love and peace

Where there is no gap between the poor and the rich

By creating a state of equality. 


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