Shocking in stockings

She took him to a sheer drop,

With her sheer stockings

And as his heart stopped,

Her delights for him she was unlocking

And his mind raced and he saw her face,

She had a mischievous look

And a wicked grin.

She knew what he liked 

And she knew what he wanted

So gave him a glance

Of the top of her stockings

And she knew that this was so shocking

But was aroused so much by him watching

And he stared he caught a glimpse of her panties,

Nearly fell of his chair

Now he really fancied,

A piece of delight,

He wanted to give her a thrill,

For this sexy lady was dressed to kill.

She wanted him and he wanted her

Both needed each other I concur

And as he texted how much her wanted her so,

She txt back let’s both go

Into the back where the rest rooms are and  see how it goes,

You can show me just how far

You can take me to the summit of my desire,

Raise my temperature a whole lot higher.

So they both met up where the restrooms are

He raised her skirt and took so far,

That she gripped around him like a vice

Feeling him inside her really enticed

Her body and her mind in a way she craved,

As he used in this kind of spontaneous way,

And she gave as much as came her way.

When it was over they went back to the booth

Both fully sated and that’s the truth,

Her husband looked at and asked are you OK

And her sister in law said you look a little flushed do you ail,

She smiled and said in an instant,

I think I have just had a hard time lately

Her husband smiled as if relating.

Her husbands brother who she was just with

Said I don’t think it’s anything,

That an early night in bed would not fix

Then gave he a wink, liked he loved it.

Her husband and the sister in law

Were to blind to see 

What had gone on and would not have believed

At the rest room antics and the pleasurable relief.

Now as they were leaving she was last at the back

She heard two old ladies talking that caught off tack,

When she heard one say her husband and sister in law were lovers

And often used the restroom like so many others,

Every other day the old lady would say

Headed off for the restroom in a desperate display,

Thought they were discreet but everybody knew

And she was shocked to hear the truth,

How had they hidden it so well

That she could not tell,

Wondered how long ago they had fell

And walked out of the coffee shop in a haze,

And that put an end to her pleasurable day.


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