We demand a future based on hope not fear

We look for salvation in those who make fine speeches and wear fine suits. We listen to their impassioned rhetoric, oblivious the shallow knee jerk policy making lies they have no intention of implementing. These are the same people who are happy to halt progress and take us back to the dark ages, choosing dirty energy over green energy. The same types in military garb will try taking us back to ancient times with ancient laws of a bygone society based around religious dogma. From all sides we hear xenophobia, we hear hate speeches, we hear the message of division. Black, white, rich, poor, religious belief and gender. We look for leadership, we look for inspiration and yet all we find is egotistical rich people looking after those most able to look after themselves. They hit those at the bottom, the poor, the disabled, the minorities. Then others come along and see these disaffected millions and rouse them with speeches that resonate with their fear and insecurities. Heightening their alarm to how bleak their future could be if they do not follow the cause that believes in them. These are all games played be those who seek and rejoice in power. When recently have we been offered leaders speaking of peace, love and tolerance for all regardless of colour, belief, political persuasion or gender. When recently have we heard speeches about closing the rich, poor divide, when have we heard speeches talking about healing the global environment and humanity, so as to work to a goal of unity and preservation. A world without borders, without flags, without anthems. A world and humanity educating itself towards coming together in kindness and righteous deeds. When has anyone made a speech about the existential theory of no authority but your own.  When has anybody offered to hand power back to the people, to renew democracy in its purest form as devised in Ancient Greece, a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.  Or Government of the people, by the people, for ghetto people as described by Abraham Lincoln. When was the last  time we felt that someone was looking to help all people come together for the common good, setting aside selfishness, materialism and greed, in the pursuit of compassion, sharing and caring for no other purpose than to help those less fortunate. Idealistic you may say. A dreamer of utopia you may quip. A naive hippy you may disparage me by. Maybe I am all of these and more but all change begins with a dream. As Einstein stated you will never find answers to problems if you keep coming at it from the same place. What the world needs now is a paradigm shift, a change of significant proportions that comes about from out of the box thinking. Politicians and religious leaders as they are now cannot offer that, for they are to entrenched in their way of doing things. We need to look for new inspirational people who are looking to heal, looking to achieve a world of love peace and compassion so that our planet and our humanity can transcend and move forward towards change, so that we may create a better world for all. This is the message we need to hear if we are to save our planet and ourselves right now and in the future. Send out a message that we are done with division. We are done with hate. We are done with greed. We are done with fear. We demand a future of hope and light.


10 thoughts on “We demand a future based on hope not fear

  1. Someone with the same outlook as myself. Apart from languages, and colour we all bleed red. It is scary, even fearfully, this planet has got.only one shred of hope, (and that’s microscopic the way things are with global warming), we have stop pollution now, not tomorrow, now. Anything else then our future on this planet is doomed, and according to some scientists even now is to, to late. All the people of the world have to mandate their governments to act accordingly. As someone else said, “There is no planet ‘B””!

    PS Reblogging this post, tweeting. and Facebooking as well.

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  2. I need to be my own leader. It is a shame there are so many piss poor powers of example. My personal belief is that my leadership begins in my own household. The fact I have lived alone for 15 years has nothing to do with this reality and practice. As someone living on half the minimum in this society, working voluntarily, educated in the top 1%, and in exceptional and rude physical health… I will punch on over this and keep weighing in. I made the point at the footy club last night tjat my 18 years of sobriety and total abstinence (and being a friend to people on death’s door) is something many make out they can do though when someome does many men bitch like little girls in groups rather than help. They will often claim some form of cultural superiority which is just nepotism in practice. I think I also pissed off some people about something not long after… but I leave it to them to remember all the details. I do actually watch some heroes party sometimes and it is pretty weak. Mostly they just use booze to get laid. I guess what upsets some people most is I can pay $5 for a pack.of condoms because when I have sex I care about her feeling good…. not just myself. I am a fighter though… not a lover.

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