No empathy 

People who lack empathy

Have cold hearts 

And lack souls

They are hollow inside

And the grow bitter 

And often die alone

The lack compassion 

They lack love

They devoid of any heart

It’s a sad truth and a sad fact

That they are cold and they are dark.


12 thoughts on “No empathy 

  1. I hope so deeply that I believe I believe empathy can be learned out of rational thinking… It is a rather complex question, though. Autists are no capable of empathy, still they do not usually mean any harm to anyone. The psychopath, on the other hand, understands that he or she is inflicting pain but does not care, or even find pleasure in it. But I agree, empathy is the base of any rational moral.

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    1. Indeed they can and I am not saying they can’t change. I really hope they can But if they don’t they can easily become lost in lacking empathy. Though I take your point. Though it is my empathy that makes me concerned about their futures and their lives.

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      1. Nah, you can’t learn empathy. You either have it or don’t (in my opinion based on research). People can learn to mimic the behavior of people with empathy but you just can’t make yourself feel things when you just can’t. Just like someone with anxiety can’t learn to not have it. They always have it even if hey learn to push through it. It’s still there.

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      2. Yeah psychological research is showing now that it is possible, though in the past it’s always been thought as something you either have or you don’t. It’s hard though as you do also need to protect yourself and people without empathy are people who can likely harm you.

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