Sick of children dying for political gain

Children dying in chemical gas attacks

how much humanity must these people lack,

to commit such a barbarous crime

do these deaths no even play on their minds.

Do they not see the bodies on the streets

do they not see the people weep,

do not all sides see the games the play

has left countries in abject pain,

destroying cities, destroying towns

destroying lives, is this not profound,

does it make you want to cry

and get angry and raise your voice so high

and demand and end to the endless death,

fighting wars, denying innocents a breath.

Why is the rest of humanity so quiet

why is it not up in arms over the violence,

a few people die through terrorist attacks,

media come out in a total backlash,

throws up it’s hands and cry’s ‘the shame’,

so why is it not the same for other suffering

in other countries, are they not the same as us,

are they entitled to the same coverage,

are they also not human beings too.

Should we not be demanding an end to these deaths,

try to make a stand while there is still something left,

set aside the political games,

it’s all just for power that Syria is in flames,

it does not mean a jot in the mind of child,

who suffers at the genocidal maniacs hands while

Syria burns everyone watches,

nobody even seems to be trying to stop this,

it’s an outrage and shame on our humanity,

that this is persevering in times like these.


9 thoughts on “Sick of children dying for political gain

  1. The one thing I wonder abt syria is y is noone bothered,u is noone doing anything abt it,y is noone trying to instill peace,everyday we r seeing those kids suffering.

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  2. It certainly seems as if humanity is asleep. The organisations pass resolutions and on the other hand ink deals for better armaments. Who are the losers? The innocents. When will this farce end?

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