I am described as an outlier,

for I don’t fit in

and don’t follow trends,

I am my own tribe

and I don’t subscribe,

I am in body and thought

standing outside the box,

of the regular norm

I am my own powerful force,

fighting for right,

fighting for peace,

fighting for kindness,

and tolerance in beliefs,

I am fighting for unconditional love,

I am fighting for change,

because this Earth’s had enough,

of the exploitation and raping of all it’s resources,

I am frighting from more spiritual sources.

So if you see me as different or think of me as weird,

just stop and listen and you will hear no fear,

within my words about standing alone,

you will find me in the self authority zone.


8 thoughts on “Outlier

      1. Yes, you got my point … I’m a cancer survivor and most people talk about their battle with C … I say my dance with C. We have often danced about with partners we were not fussed about.

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