No life of perdition, no life of fear

Domesticated through the fear of perdition

Told how to live and act 

so your life does not end in ruins

Told to go to church 

Surrender yourself to the Lord

Told to get a job, get married start a family

As if this is all there is for a life complete.

Sometimes it’s right to question

Sometimes you have to think for yourself

God did not give you a life to surrender

You need to create you own happy ending.

Find compassion within you

And discover self love

Resonate peace and tolerance 

Focus on doing the right thing

Think outside the box and be the weird thing

That unsettles those around who are so straight

Show everybody imagination is great

And allows us to breakout of domestication 

Allows us to rise above the predicted stations

Show them we are all masters of own creation

Responsible for all we do and all we say

Accountable for the life we choose to Live today

We breakaway from fear of perdition 

We break free from the fear of ruin

Surrendering our life to others say who that they speak for God

Is not an option anymore

You want to speak to an omniscient being

You can do this anytime and anywhere

And you do not need anyone’s permission.

It’s just another way of controlling

It’s just another form of them showing

How they are above you

How they use fear as the ultimate rule

And as the best way to oppress you.

But you you can be the change 

You can be the one to amaze

By breaking free from the chains

By living outside the box everyday

And allow your conscious reality to guide your way

Along the path of enlightened ways

On a journey to transcending life in every way.


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