White supremacists 

What is white supremacy

Except a flawed and ludicrous belief

Based around pigmentation 

All about people’s colour

Superior to who?

So superior you need hide under hoods 

Supreme is precisely what your not

You feel inferior and you lost the plot.

Superior to no one we are one race

It’s your ignorance 

That fuels your fear and hate

Not realising we are biologically the same

All part of the multi coloured human race

That is perfect yet flawed in many ways

White supremacists, dogmatic sociopathic

Work it out and simply do the math

That they fear they won’t be worthwhile 

So they overcompensate

And try to divide humas race

But I won’t follow that

For it’s a truth and a firm fact 

That underneath the skin

We are all, the same.


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