Speak so as to be understood

speak plainly that’s my view

try not to confuse,

with elaborate words

that can be twisted and deceive,

say it how it is meant to be

but no need to be ruthless,

no need to be blunt.

Consider people’s feelings

and use words of love

and respect,

rather than words that are mean

and fueled by hatred,

sometime where there is confrontation,

people need to be placated

but not fobbed off

or ever lied to

but just be considerate

and see if they are confused

and then given reasons

that are clear and concise,

that make arguing the point

a waste of time.

Don’t lose your temper,

just keep calm,

never feel the need to be alarmed,

for in the end it can all be worked out

without any reason for someone

to scream and shout.



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