Goosestepping over nations

A storm is coming

Due to the 3rd reich regime,

Goosestepping over nations

And their sovereignties,

Starting revolutions

By funding rebellious types

And they are not even bothered

Who is on which side.

It’s all causing chaos,

Tearing once stable countries apart,

Then killing innocent people 

And going way to far.

There is no side that has no

Blood upon their hands,

ISIS created by the US 

To fit the Syrian plan

But they lost control of that monster

And now they are the cause terror

In every foreign land.

USIS is as ignorant as Trump is

There is little they understand,

Both are throw back to the dark ages

And could bring about extinction,

If humanity does not unite

And start vanquishing them.

Where are all the peacemakers 

To stand against the warmongers,

Where is the voice of peace and common sense

To stop this war hunger,

Generated by right wing fascists

And their desire for a world governed,

By the rule of arms and guns

And electing white supremacist governments. 


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