Son of God 

Low and behold the son of God

Entered the world

And found illness and poverty and showed,

How a compassionate hand in the right place

With the right belief can heal, 

But saw humanity was lacking in belief and compassion.

Low he moved on to see the greed of mankind 

And threw the money men and riches out of the temple,

Low he then found the betrayal of mankind 

As they betrayed him for gold and sent him to his crucifixion.

Yet despite this the son of God in his final moments 

Showed is capacity for forgiveness,

And pleaded our case to his Father,

Understanding the ignorance of mankind

As he had witnessed it with his own eyes.

In his time on Earth he showed with faith, love and compassion 

All things are possible,

Whether turning water into wine,

Or walking on water or healing the sick.

He demonstrated how mankind is meant to act,

Yet humanity learnt nothing from his sacrifice,

And low has continued in its ignorant, greedy ways

Waging wars, exploiting the Earth and betraying humanity.


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