We lose sight of what’s important 

Nature is so full of wondrous things

Along with a myriad of species,

Evergreen trees and scurrying things

Dappled shade, bark and leaves,

Rabbits, foxes and the deers

Remind me of how I feel cheer,

At the thought of beauty we have here

Surrounding us in magnificence,

To destroy it really makes no sense

But when did what humanity think,

Ever make understandable reason

And we often forget what’s most important

And what to truly remember to believe in.


3 thoughts on “We lose sight of what’s important 

  1. Getting increasingly more expensive for many of us to get out of the sprawl. Last pink moon my car was taken. The insurance company and medicos fought the police and the crrative police work was stopped. I was paid out on my vehicle yet my premiums go up. I have not taken a drink or drug in nearly 2 decades and all waking hours and resources go into helping others with legitimate problems. One cop seems to have been demoted yet this helps neither us nor the police who desperately need to lift their game and become democratically acting members of the community again. I used to take the terminally broke to the beach in summer and was able to chat about sober living. These are usually intelligent people who fall away. Our society only consumes and those of us who put back in and help growth become targets for very bad people who love the rules and regulations of organizations.
    In short… expensive for some of us to see nature we remember from childhood. I guess we all have memories of the protected species rock spider who seems very adaptable to any habitat and can appear in any uniform.

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  2. First thing’s first. A lot of people have never been anywhere akin to where some of us have. Some of them even resent our being grateful today for still having very little and a moral compass.

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