Consummate being

Gazing into eyes so deep

That I could easily fall into

As I dream of you

And  as I sleep with you,

As I look at your beautiful face

I reside here in the bliss and grace,

That defines your very being.

As I listen to your sweet refrain

I understand you’re so wise in many ways,

You are the total consummate being

With a soul and spirit that transitions,

Everything that’s wonderful,

Everything that’s intellectual

And spiritual,

You are the light 

You are the hope and the dream,

Of a brighter future

In me, that at the moment seems

So dark and grey.

I wish our love will last for always,

I feel your kindness, compassion and peace

As we lay here and we sleep,

Holding onto one another

In a soul embrace,

I hope this never ends

Us as lovers,

Us until the end of times,

For you are forever on my mind

And I love you,

For you are eloquence refined

Which is you always preoccupied my mind and time.


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