Such a shame

She was seared by pain

so badly hurt

but nobody noticed

she held it all deep within,

because she had given up on trusting

she was scarred she was broken,

she felt as her life was just a token

to be used abused and ridiculed everyday,

she was crying,

and brokenhearted,

she was crippled,

by the love inside her,

which now tore her apart,

felt she should have seen it from the start

but she was vulnerable,

and she was lonely,

just like she is again right now,

she wondered how

she could have let this person destroy her,

how could she have been so blind

that she could not see

the anguish and the sorrow that was yet to be,

the heartache and betrayal,

were not a dream,

she realised they would be her reality.

So now she is finished with the game

no longer wants to play,

she finished the game

and she let her life just slip away

and there was no one there to help her,

as she took an overdose to help her ease the pain

and dreamed of sleeping it all away,

for tonight and all eternity

it’s such a shame,

how deadly for some people is the game,

especially as they did not want to play

it’s such a shame.



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