I wish you knew

Stomach in knots,

as butterflies flutter,

every time I see her passing by

to nervous and lacking confidence,

to approach and say just how I feel,

and i am sure that she sees me,

because she always smiles, in my direction,

yet I am to scared of the consequence,

to just walk over and just say ‘hi’

and start the conversation,

that may just change my life

and I feel so sad

and I feel so bad,

that this is the way, things are going on,

I need to change this,

rearrange this,

be braver than I have ever been,

maybe tomorrow,

or the next day,

why put of until tomorrow

what you can do today,

but I flounder,

and I am drowning,

in the fear of my own

lack of self belief

and it hurts me

and it won’t ease,

because I am just too weak in the end,

to make that difference,

but maybe one day it will be OK,

or maybe things will change and I will not see,

her walking along this same path everyday

and I would have lost out

because of my doubt

and then I will see her with somebody new,

and my heart will break

for the words I have not spoken,

to her each day she passed me by,

and shared that warm smile,

Oh, I wish you only knew.


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