Spinning out of control

It’s like a car crash,

or like a ship wreck,

when your life spins out of control

for no reason that you can find,

it’s like you don’t know

what is coming at you tomorrow

and you are just spinning

losing not winning,

at life and you struggle, to know why

but take a deep breathe

and hold on tight,

for this ride is surely going to end,


just keep on hoping,

just keep the faith

and maybe in time life will change,

keep optimistic

and make things happen,

work hard at ensuring you are stay positive in mind,

for this is your lesson,

keeping faith

and we are being tested all the time

in so many ways

but just keep holding, on until the end,

for there are better days

and things will change one day

in the favour of you very soon,

so just keep holding on,

and maybe you will see,

that I am telling you the truth,

so just hold on,

and know that some one will always be loving you.



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