Spike my interest


You spike my interest with those tight blue jeans

heavenly body, the best I have ever seen,

you long slender legs that go on and on,

that reach right up to that compact firm bum,

your six pack core and your perfectly curved breasts

leave me in troublesome mess,

leaving me ogling like a sexist misogynistic old man

of this type of person I am not a fan

but I love the sight of beauty with the delicate curves,

the graceful demeanor, I guess than I am cursed,

to value the form of true feminine bliss,

there is much more that i would add to this,

that I have total respect for the strong feminine gender,

with the skillfully crafted minds so attentiveness,

the ability to care with unconditional love,

I respect the feminine way to much,

to denigrate them in any kind of form

but when I see this beauty passing my way,

I never make comments or whistle or make signs,

I just show them respect, though their presence spikes in my mind

and I realise just how precious they are

and how more mature and powerful they can truly be,

whilst also being warm and loving and have degrees of fragility,

so forgive me for seemingly objecting the feminine form,

but to me everything about you is awesome.





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