Night to remember 

Gastro diner

Nothing finer

This hero/heroine

Has played a blinder,

Rocking the bar

While seeing stars

This evening is going down 

As well above par,

So don’t get them vexed

By sitting reading a text

Last thing you need 

Is an evening hexed,

Drinking a few drinks 

Come back from the brink

More confident 

Than you think,

Giving it bravado

As the evening goes on

As if being a socialite 

Is where you belong,

The patrons now build

As you get caught up

In the throng

Jukebox is now playing

Your own love song,

How will this end

I guess it will depend

On whether you are happy

With just being friends,

For the chemistry seems wrong

But you keep it going on

Because your happy

Being seen 

As living the dream,

But nothing is ever truly

As it seems,

A lost opportunity 

Assassinated by the ego,

That is not something 

That you believe though,

Act as if you were the maestro 

Of the gastro diner scene

And in the minds 

Of heroes and heroines,

The truth of their delusion

Will never be gleaned.


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