Stop Killing whistleblowers and freedom fighters

I have heard stories of whistleblowers 

And those standing up for human rights,

Being shot and stabbed mysteriously

In the middle of the night

And investigations that open

Are very quickly closed,

Without exposing the truth

Or the facts ever being told.

How can I just stand by and let all this go by

While other brave people disappear into the night,

It has to be highlighted

The truth, it has to out,

So join with me In raising your voices aloud

And say, stop this campaign against those who seek the truth,

Against those who stand for peace and justice

And freedom for all. 

Stand against those who hide in shadowy place,
An who vow at any cost, to protect these crumbling states

Of global greed and power it all needs to be replaced.

Let’s stand up for those hero’s who paid with their lives

Trying to stand up for all our liberties and our humanitarian rights


9 thoughts on “Stop Killing whistleblowers and freedom fighters

  1. I feel you. So often, the whistleblowers are given promises of protection, enticed with unending whispers into their ears that “it’ll be alright!”
    Just talk. Be free. And when they believe those cold words, the end begins.
    It’s the legacy of a world of inequalities.

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  2. The only reason why certain cases are closed fast is to either cover the person who did it or they just feel guilty that they know what they did was wrong

    (For the second song i could give you the link to the translation if you want)

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