Not gonna bleed for greed

Caught up in a material dream,

Not everything as it truly seems,

Although shiny and glossy

It would bring about debt and misery,

Nothing good in consumer goods

I would give it all up if only I could,

Just purchase all the basic needs,

Because I not gonna bleed 

For monetary greed,

No one ever left me anything,

But I have never truly wanted for something

That’s made sell my soul for it to be achieved,

I am driven only by need and not  by greed.

My mum and dad both left me,

No amount of money is gonna bring them back,

You can’t buy that kind of happiness,

Money cannot buy good memories,

We all seem to worry about  money these days

Money the true root of humanity decay,

All I want is enough to pay

Is the ferryman when he comes by my way,

A good life it cannot be brought,

This is something in life I have been taught,

So I will never worry,

I will never sell my soul for greed,

I just want to love unconditionally 

Because all I desire is to be happy,

The light of life it’s shines for me

Brighter than the consumer dream,

I just want live happily

And so I walk away from all the greed

And helping those who are really in need,

Is the way to go ecause kindness is the source of everything,

Benevolence is the key

The key to being happy eternally. 


One thought on “Not gonna bleed for greed

  1. My cat doesn’t care how I feel about it or what my dissertations sugguest…. she just wants the food. Even if I do have to hoc my ass on the corporatized public transport system in the rain to get it.

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