Vote for those who deliver climate change

Covered as if under a blanket

barely able to breathe,

this polluted air

hanging over us globally,

is formed of pesticides and

various other nasties,

that make us choke

and barely able to see.

Tread carefully my friends

when the time comes to vote,

who is offering a chance of clean air

and a future for our children,

who of them will deny the multinationals

another shilling,

who will send the lobbyists

running for the hills,

which one is more interested in our Earth

which cares more about their tills,

those who wish to stop the plastic

building up on land and in the sea

and those who will look the other way,

for the sake of greed.

These are the same who say

that climate change does not exist

but they don’t truly believe this

it’s just that there is no profit in this,

they have still got their fingers in oil

and the coal still stains their face,

though they never got their hands dirty

they are an environmental disgrace,

so think carefully

about the world in which you wish to live,

one of unpolluted air

or one ensuring our air is toxic.

Do you really care about this Mother Earth,

a place that we know as home,

vote for those who see the Earth

as a toxic polluted chemical free zone.


Via daily Prompt : Blanket




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