In this together

We are in in this life together 

and it goes by in the blink of an eye,

So why waste it hating and fighting

This is not worthwhile,

What is the point of being jealous,

What is the point of being sad,

This life and moment should be the best 

We have ever had.

What is the point of sitting wasting our lives away,

When we could be helping others,

Struggling with life each day

And why do we care more about money,

Rather than our family and friends,

Why are we so obsessed with material possessions,

That you cannot take with you

When the grim reaper comes to calls,

Why are we not happy

With anything at all,

That doesn’t benefit us

Or give us some reward,

Why can we not just live out life

Inspired by the call,

To love and come together 

As one unified race,

Tolerant and peaceful

In a happy and kinder place,

Why can we not see that negativity is such a waste,

Of our life and our energy,

Choose love my friends not hate. 


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