Leave it 

The past has gone,

Stop fighting to keep it present,

Let it go,

Focus on new fresh things in the present

Stop looking backwards,

When forward is the only direction to go.

Don’t close yourself off,

Be open to everything,

Be what you want to be,

Not what others tell you to be,

Leave that past domestication behind

And create the new you, 

Vibrant, authentic and in the moment,

Always moving forward,

Never dwelling in the past.


One thought on “Leave it 

  1. Sounds a bit like the page I am currently on. Saying that, I was going over why I am a pariah in this town before then a workmate at the footy club messaged me to thank me for my input today and that I am widely appreciated. Yin and yang. When I think the world is shit a beautiful butterfly comes along and vice versa. Funniest thing about those of us marginalized with PTSD is that we don’t want money… kindness will do and that doesn’t even mean sex. Though if we could afford to go to a brothel a prostitute would probably totally understand and hug us.

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