A penchant for war 

This penchant for war

This desire for destruction,

Of humanity and the planet

And every existing species on it,

Is driving society

And we have to try and change this,

Stand up and be heard,

Be precious with your words

And enunciate how you feel,

Let’s not give up until

Those in power start to listen.

Use the power of your vote,

Or use the power of your voice,

Let them know you have a choice,

And that choice is not them.

So stand up and be heard

Don’t let the leaders swerve,

These decisions, so hold your nerve,

Be the power, be the change,

Be a new order and a bright new age

Without war and destruction,

Let’s get this global movement under construction. 

They then  will fear this

And they will bow,

To the will of those who want this

And their towers they will crumble

And the unfair systems will tumble

And we will  know love

Will know peace,

Just understand this is within our reach,

So stay strong

And make a change,

To these global systems of wrong.


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