Cried a thousand tears

Please tell me when an why did life become so cheap,

When did we surrender our humanity,

Tell me why it does not seem to mean a thing

To see people weep openly for those who die within society,

For so many pointless reasons.

Tell my what has happened to humanity,

That we view death everyday on our TV screens,

Good news for the media and it seems it fuels their greed,

Making money from others suffering,

Showing how people bleed, playing to an audience’s curiosity,

We have become desensitised in so many ways,

Through brutal movies and video games,

That life no longer seems to mean the same,

Is it  all just one big game. 

Will kill people many thousands of miles away,

With our drones so we are distanced, from the pain,

It don’t seem real and you don’t see the effects,

Of the dismembered limbs that are witness to all that’s left,

Mothers and babies, it’s indiscriminate 

How did humanity sink to such self disgrace and disrespect.

Why and how did we lose our love

And how can you justify it in in the name of your god above,

I am sure these gods weep too, thinking what have we done 

We created humanity and it created guns 

And other methods to destroy itself,

All in the name of power and wealth,

I’ve cried a thousand tears you can call me weak,

It’s just I am still connected to love and humanity,

I’d rather be this way then cold hearted and compassionless,

I will fight and stand for life right up until my final breath,

I believe that all life is sacred,

I believe life is totally precious 

And so we need to change our ways or there will be nothing left.


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