Distribution of wealth

Great are the needless sufferings

imposed on those who lack wealth,

as the wealth creators take the lion share

and the wealth producers struggle with what is left,

the creators have their noses wedged firmly in the trough,

while the producers wait and see what’s then left behind.

It is as with many things within our society

so unfair on the those who make up the majority,

wealth creators are vital but without producers they will fail,

and the same is true of the other way round it’s an old flawed tale.

There needs to be more equality,

and more sharing of the wealth,

a fairer distribution rather than the hoarding that we se

where producers struggle to make ends meet,

and the creators wealth become obscene,

in a world where we all need each other

the sharing of the spoils equally,

would be the greatest of all humanities deeds.


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