Poetry washing over me

Writing is like a calling

It’s hard to control the flow,

Poems running through my head

From morning until night,

It fills my very essence

I feel a need to let it out,

I do not know what else to do

It just seems so right.

It washes over me,

Like a rhapsody,

Like a tsunami,

Dominating everything,

I feel and sense the messages

That need exposing,

It’s like a melody

Running through my head,

I hear the music 

And then  the rhymes

And that’s how poetry is for me,

Constantly resonating 

In everything I see and do,

I am sorry, if it’s to much for you

But I just can’t keep away,

It’s my life what can I say

I live in music and in poetry,

It fills my life with love,

It carries messages into the sky

On the wings of a dove,

Spreading hope,

Sharing dreams

And a desire for peace.

Poetry washes over me

Beseeching me to speak,

Of spirituality 

And awakened belief,

So please don’t get mad at me,

I am being led by something

Even I don’t understand. 


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