A mother cradles her babies lifeless form

Her eyes pouring tears like waterfalls,

What did her baby do to cause it’s death,

Did nothing to to no one but is now bereft of breath.

Her baby had adopted no political or religious belief,

Was unaware of colour or gender like we,

All the baby wanted and needed was love and something to eat,

Now is overseen by angels also full of grief.

The mother is heartbroken and will never be fixed,

Her life now is torn and totally twisted,

By anger and sorry and indescribable pain,

Thoughts of taking her own life by opening a vain,

Will cross her mind now she has nothing left,

No husband who was also killed with all the rest

Of her family members and now she’s alone

After they were killed by a military drone.

The wickedness of men so sick and depraved

That would see an Innocent baby’s life taken away.

So do you you still have no compassion for a foreigners life,

When it is tiny and can only cry,

Can you still maintain your xenophobic beliefs,

Beyond the tears of the mother in all her grief.


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