The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

The monachopsis of my state I find

the conscious state of how I feel defined,

are reflections of my single minded stance

and my ongoing difference,

between how most people perceive

their lives within society,

I do not look to follow the herd

and I choose to speak using my own words.

My words may not suit everyone,

not everyone my like my views

and I appreciate and respect your right to choose

and show you still my gratitude.

For we are all human sharing similar lives,

I believe we all try to live it right,

developing theories and beliefs within our own minds

to guide us through this experience,

of life in ways that reduce interference.

So being unique and self defined

don’t be surrendering your mind,

to others who may wish to manipulate

and fill your beliefs with xenophobic hate,

don’t let them have control over you,

question all you hear, think and do,

be authentic and true and move,

mountains to show that you have your own ideologies too

for you are individual and can shape your life how you choose.




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