Humanitarianism  revival will not occur

Through allowing our domestication to recur,

Allowing pain and suffering to continue to exist

Pursuing the negativity commentary of hatred,

It will never be achieved following the greed

By cowering to the power and control over our being.

There will be no transition with ego and jealousy,

It can only come through change and greater positivity. 

We have to find the love to share

Rediscover our ability to care

And come together in a massive shift,

Decide we no longer wish to live like this

But search for more peaceful ways,

Promote compassion in every way

And benevolence in every day,

So that we create a better place

Not just to live but within our own being and existence ,

For if we do not learn to resonate this within,

If within our own soul it is not residing,

It will not be achieved externally.

Our conscious minds as one united race

One humanity can bring about such a place,

Kindred souls collectively combined

To achieve  humanitarianism defined.


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