Farewell to the illusory

It’s gone!

The illusory world has been vanquished 

I now have become awakened

And for the first time I see the truth

I see the conscious reality finally shining through.

I see the dogmatic piousness of religion in its true form,

I see the lies and covert actions of those who use power to rule,

I see that all destruction and negativity 

And all the war and hate

Is created by humanity in a twisted, distorted state.

I realise now that I am the start of any change

That we all know  needs to happen,

I see the truth in that we are all truly spiritual beings

Who have allowed ourselves to be domesticated,

To except this illusory living

And now I am awakened the transition is beginning

And as I develope and grow and transcend onto enlightenment 

I will turn my back on establishment,

And fight for humanity, all other species 

And our environment.

For universal unconditional love is really all we need,

And finally take down the illusory screen

And witness our spiritual conscious reality,

And know the answers to peace are and have always been,

I side both you and me.


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