No judgement, just love

She suffered

fractured visions

blink across her view,

hard to decipher

what is the truth,

nightmare screaming

palpitations, sweat,

living a life of regret.

Hazy visions in her mind

reminds her of

more conscious times,

a shudder rips

her taught sinewy form,

muscles stretched

thoughts are torn.

Grasping out

for any succor,

reaching out

for any aid,

I think she is in

need of healing,

someone take

this pain away.

Tremors felt

remorse for others,

who feel the same

there is no one and nothing to blame,

don’t feel embarrassed

don’t hide away,

there is no need to feel shame.

Mental illness

can make things dark,

hard to find that

single spark,

that may help

the healing process,

but I am here for you

where ever you are.


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