Fox hunting


There is a new menace coming

and it’s riding on the wind,

a reinstatement of the brutal

an old archaic traditional gathering,

a callous needless coupling

of rich men and women,

who are now getting set

for the return of fox hunting,

barbarous and cruel

and totally sickening,

if you are making a comeback

then the saboteurs will also be returning,

so time to draw up the battle lines

for it’s cruelty versus nature,

we will not allow this to continue

not after making foxes safer,

we will not let your barbaric tradition

tarnish this nation,

we will not let your callous ways

interfere with nature,

we will resist you every step

of your blood lusting way,

we will not let up on you

for you are sick and you are depraved,

the hunt will be hampered in every way

by animal and nature lovers each and every day,

don’t think we will stand back and watch

you paint fox blood on your face,

as a ritual it’s appalling

it’s a welcome to the hunt,

well let me tell you now fox hunting

is only good in the minds of…..

Best left unsaid.




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