Faith is unique

Many people question others faith

But the fact that it’s all based on our thoughts

And our own views,

Very little rooted in proof

But just an idea that it is truth,

Because it feels right for me and you.

But that does not give us the reason 

To treat others belief like it is treason,

No right to insult or ridicule

To cast doubt to be so cruel,

About the belief systems other may hold 

If the truth really is to be told,

Coexisting and tolerance 

Is the only common sense,

Approach to life and beliefs,

There is no reason to disagree,

For each are entitled to their own views

And as long as no one pushes them on you,

As long as it does not impinge on your rights

As long as you are given the right to decide,

What you think

And what you believe,

And practice spiritually free,

Then my friends we will understand

That we should be benevolent to our fellow man

And get along in love and peace,

That’s the point in life we all must reach.


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