Fear limits 

Never let fear define you,

Never let it control or crippled the things you do,

Never let fear get in the way of your dreams,

Fear can be such an irrational thing,

Though in extremes some are not,

and all we can do is acknowledge this

and try to find a way through,

To free the mind,

And free the spirit,

Free yourself from fear

And there will be no limits

To anything you want to achieve,

For in this moment you will find self belief.


8 thoughts on “Fear limits 

  1. I am sorry but if you have had a very traumatic incident happen to you, fear can be programmed in your cells. Saying that others shouldn’t let fear limit them may make those who suffer in this way feel they are doing something wrong. We can only acknowledge if there is fear there and try our best to over come but calling it irrational negates the fact that not everything in this life has a rational basis. With all due respect ❤

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    1. I understand fully what you are saying and there will always be some that have suffered such trauma as I have also suffered. I can only speak from my perspective and only voice a view and an opinion that people can take or leave as suits. I respect your right to question and disagree and sympathise with your situation. Some fear is in some people irrational but not all fear. On this I accept your point.


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