Break the war machine

We have to find a way to break the war machine

Ridding the world of weapons so that it’s clean,

We have to change the minds of the violent thugs

And those who cause wars known as the government,

We have to build peace up from the rubble

Learn to unify and stop causing trouble,

We have to find compassion and tolerate

Share between us all love not hate

And people tell me this can never be

They say this is absurdity

But I just laugh as the stare at me

And say everything always starts as a dream

And that if you think that war and violence is a rational thing,

I don’t thing it’s me delusioning, 

Take a look in the mirror and see your face

And decide if it one of love or hate

And understand something that is basic and true,

Does war and violence really appeal to you,

And if it was your family laying dead in the rubble,

Would you not wish we had ended all wars at the double,

Peace you see is the way to be free

And the only sane direction for humanity.


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