Descending down the rabbit hole

I descend down the rabbit hole

Dark and cold and dripping moisture,

I fall and tumble over and over

Head over heals and then take flight

Before hitting the ground in the pitch night.

Breathless and grazed, dizzy in mind

I look up for somewhere to climb

But all I see is oblivion and four walls

In which to keep me within this place

A hole that has no name,

I wonder how I will escape,

Before I stand, stop and realize,

The hole i am in is one created by me,

My own thoughts and conscious mind

And the darkness that blinds my sight

Is the truth that i have denied,

From covering and obscuring my third eye

That sees the truth behind the lies

And that opens up our hearts and sets us free

And enables all spirit souls to believe,

That our life can only be lived by you and me,

Within the realms of individuality

Yet connected by humanities unity,

Which will the show me through my own reality,

The way out of this rabbit hold so I can retrieve,

The life of self love and creativity,

Of spiritual belief and leave behind

This dark hole of self inflicted damaged mentality. 

Via: daily prompt : Descend


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