The tolerance key

In this intolerant society

Tolerance is the key,

We have to start to change

And be more understanding,

It does not mean we have to submit to all

But learn to understand what motivates their call,

In a world where government continues to divide

And is willing to use every xenophobic lie,

Where religions resist to coexist,

Spiritual endeavour becomes a vital thing

And although love, compassion and benevolence 

Can not be understated,

Tolerance in this moment must be highly rated,

For when we become more tolerant and willing to understand,

Compassion, love and benevolence

Stand a better chance, 

We have to find a way to reject the divides

Build up new beliefs within the mind,

So that we can heal humanity 

And the world in which we live,

Become one race and start to build a unity that can begin to coexist.


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