Be the love, be the change

I close my eyes each and every night

And I pray there maybe light,

In this often cold dark world of misery,

In this cold dark world of pain

But I know there is still beauty out there

And I remember how the sunset lit

Up the horizon as if on fire

And so I believe there is still hope yet.

And I believe that we are stronger

And I believe we  can create peace,

In the unity of love

And the convergence of humanity,

Let’s be the change,

Let’s be the soul,

Let’s be the ancient voices of old,

Who have learnt the lessons

Shared the experience

And now will stop those in control,

From causing more wars and destruction,

Stop them from polluting our Mother Earth,

Stop the hating, stop the fighting,

Let’s show them our truth worth.

Be the love in the world,

Be the mindset that can put and end to hurt,

Show them where the love is,

Show them all the peace,

Bring together all people in unity,

So we can learn to coexist 

In perfect harmony.

Be the love,

Be the change,

Be the future,

Be the hope and dreams,

Be the essence,

Within this life,

Be the light that is shining bright.


4 thoughts on “Be the love, be the change

      1. My pleasure always. You are an amazing poet. I am sorry I haven’t yet helped you with information about publishing on Amazon. I will though – soon. I am a bit overwhelmed right now. K D 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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