Aspire to more


I dream of a good life beyond any reason

a world filled with love, where everyone lives as one,

a world lived in peace where hatred ceases to exist

a world of pure harmony, and wonderful bliss,

where judgement and jealousy is a thing of the past

where unconditional love will live long and surpass,

all the negativity caused by politicians and religions

where people will learn to connect as just human beings,

where we will be colour blind and accept others of all creeds,

a world where the divisions caused by those who feel the need to lead,

and instill in us all from a very early age

but it’s time to start fresh on a new page,

forget all that has gone before, all of that stuff that created wars,

because what’s gone in the past cannot be changed now we need a new start

in humanities name.

We need to focus on our earth and the environmental damage,

all the species we have pushed to the edge of extinction,

we need to realise our potential for change and demand a better future,

a brave new age.

Where we leave behind recriminations and revenge for what has gone on

but build in each moment and continue it on,

with dreams of what can be, not of regrets for the past,

we need a planet to sustain us with resources that will last

and instead of exploiting them we should put something back,

reinvest in nature and we shall see then we will be blessed,

with hope and with happiness and if we learn to share,

there will be enough to go around for all that live here

on this tiny little rock deep within space,

this miraculous spirit energy being we call the human race,

we will be forging head with a future never before known,

a humanity that has become spiritually grown

and transcended the heart,

and transitioned the soul,

this ancient race’s story that can be forever told,

instead of disappearing within the darkness of it’s own extinction

this is the reality it’s not science fiction.

So lets bind ourselves together in unity as one,

one race, one peace, one unconditional love,

a new world of hope, dreams and aspiration,

not this bleak, dark place filled with frustration,

with people willing to be stronger and become inspirations,

no borders, no flags no anthems, no divided nations,

just one race, one peace, one unconditional love,

This should then for us, be more than enough.



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