See this…

See this moon 

It shines down so bright,

See my dreams

They echo light,

See they weave tales

Of pure fascination,

They resonate from my imagination.

See this spirit,

See the stars,

See my wounds and all the scars,

They come from living and experiencing

And if I had my time again 

I would not change anything.

Feel my love,

It’s all for you,

Understand that this is the truth,

I may get lost

And may stray far from home,

But living in confusion 

Is the only life I’ve known.

See my tears,

Feel my pain,

It comes and goes in tsunami like waves,

I cannot pretend

That everything I feel

Is not real and that it can be healed,

So I just live

The best I can

And I try so hard to understand,

What’s good and right within this life 

And i focus on trying to seek the light.


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