City life

Walking through the main streets,

walking through the back streets,

walking the areas of where I live,

bright and shiny facades, out the front,

the crumbling structures are just out back,

business offices where, big money is made,

yet there are homeless people living rough, not far away.

you can see the suited folk, dashing in out,

but in the urine stenched alley ways, you can hear the shouts,

of lost and forgotten people crying out for help.

It’s an absurd city life,

it’s absurd place to live,

a cardboard lifestyle for the homeless,

but a workplace for the rich,

the hypocrisy of cities,

the hypocrisy of life,

some people have nothing

some have way to much

they say this is the wealth.

The tragedy is goes on, every single day,

and they have become immune to this

and it’s become the normal way,

another division among people,

a lack of caring and sharing,

an unwillingness to change,

and so it just goes on this way.


3 thoughts on “City life

  1. I have seen this a lot in Seattle. It is also true a lot of.homeless people don’t want help or to change. A lot of them have refused food or help but want cash for booze and drugs. The cycle goes on by all groups.

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