We all know that need

She need to feel she was still alive

Needed to feel she was loved

She needed to feel anyone’s touch

She needed desire from time to time

And you know how this feels

And you know what she means

And everybody has the same desirable dream

And everyone has that moment of need

That you seek from others

Or that you satisfy on your own

Some have others to help

So others do it alone

A convergence of two souls

Or a crescendo of satisfying self

To help and ease you sexual health

And in those moments when you moan

And in those moments you writhe

In the moments you fill the passion rise

Is the moment of bliss

That if I could see into your eyes

I would see the your heart and body

Open wide and vulnerable for

This moment in time

And I would understand the lust and desire

That resides and what makes you happy 

As I simply watch as you peak

And reach that release.


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