Choose happiness

Happiness is something that we all seek

and it can be something that is hard to reach,

when you bind yourself up in everything

instead of letting mind and body be free.

Too much drama and too much stress,

too many distractions you feel, need to be addressed

and because of this you lose sight of your joy

and end up easy to anger and easy to annoy.

Just sit back and kick back

and clear your mind,

take and make some space and I am sure that you will find

that if you meditate and radiate on a little bliss

and scrape off all the attachments

because it does not have to be like this,

still the mind and stop the chatter

that makes you so blind

to all the things that are important and matter

and number one is you

for your own well being you have the right to choose,

to be happy, to be stressed,

to be smiling or beset by darkness that will always bring you down

and who ever wants to wear a constant frown.



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