Follow the trends,

follow the fashions,

same uniforms,

different styles and patterns,

regiment yourself

and define your group,

lined up, signed up

looking like a troop.

The uniform stealing you identity

an indication that you are not free,

yet uniform also has that naughty touch,

something that men and women

love so much,

turned on, heats on

they would be happy to be …..

Get a bit of love from someone in uniform,

and society questions is this a norm

but if it feels good and it’s not illegal,

more power to you if it makes you feel good

but uniform primarily,

is simply just a tool

to keep everyone in line,

so they are easier to rule,

don’t be hoodwinked,

don’t be fooled,

don’t become just another one of those fools.


Via Daily Prompt : Uniform




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