Seeking forgiveness

Should those who seek forgiveness

For anything they have done,

Simply just be turned away

Or should they be welcomed in the arms of love,

Or are they just expecting to much.

Let those without sin cast the first stone

Should they be cast out and left alone,

Or made to feel the guilt and the shame

Time and again for they committed a wrong,

And now should suffer the ongoing pain,

Because its self inflicted

And even if they feel the guilt and shame, 

Of that wrong and pain they inflicted,

That they can never be trusted again.

Maybe no sin can be washed away

And that nothing you can do will erase the pain.


5 thoughts on “Seeking forgiveness

  1. Beautiful! This is what happens when forgiveness is pleaded. Can it erase or lessen the exasperated pains? Is forgiving an act of kindness? Many questions rolled my mind while going through your amazing poem.

    We have started living in a world where something is missing. What is the remedy? Find out more in my poem “A Golden Heart” to reveal the superficiality of our lives at
    Hope you will like it 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s very valuable 🙂

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