The aftermath 

We all live a life of some regret,

We hope that people can forgive

And in time can forget

But its often not the case

And so you get stuck in a place,

Of cycular sufferring and ongoing pain

And if you find yourself stuck in this place,

Where its constantly ongoing

And its never going to change,

Whats the answer do you stay or walk away.

A fighter stays despite the shame

But other flee from the pain,

Decisions often have to be made

Like can we truly go on this way

And what will make us happy once again,

Staying and working at it or walking away

And starting all over once again.

Some say its easy to forgive but not to forget

But if you cant foget then its because you cant forgive

And if you cant do this then what is best,

Find a place where you  can accept

That things will never eve change,

Then decide to fight and stay or just walk away.


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